Positive Parenting (2/3)

In our last post, we only shared a few responses from new parents, so here are some more! Be sure to leave your own responses! Share the magical moments of being a new parent with others!

(UPDATE: read part 3 here!) 

We asked a handful of social media personalities who recently had a baby to answer the 5 following questions. See their answers below!

  1. What is your most positive memory as a parent so far?
  2. What parenting experience has made you the proudest?
  3. Do you have any positive advice for new moms and dads?
  4. If you were to become a new parent again, what would you make sure to do again?
  5. What support did your receive that you appreciated most?


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Hayley Free Bordes runs Little Me and Free, a fashion and lifestyle blog about her and her daughter, McKenna, a.k.a. my “Little Me”. She wants to show single moms and dads that life doesn’t stop after you have a child.
Hayley Free Bordes

What is your most positive memory as a parent so far?

Hayley: You raise this tiny human who loves you unconditionally. When my daughter tells me I’m her favorite momma it melts my heart. Lol It is so rewarding and such a positive memory.


Mahin: The most positive feeling memory as a parent so far has to be cuddles and snuggles with my little ones. I forget about everything and just focus on that precious moment, and it makes all the hard work of being a mama worth it!


Tiani: My most positive memory as a parent so far is experiencing the birth of my baby girl. You instantly feel so much love being able to see your baby for the first time and it's an experience I will always remember and cherish. I felt so empowered as a woman, seeing Shaye for the first time, knowing that I had created her and nourished her for 9 months. I will never forget the love I instantly felt for her. It will always be my most favorite memory.


What parenting experience has made you the proudest?

Hayley: I would say all the compliments I get on how polite and well behaved McKenna is. Around others. I believe the way a child acts is a reflection on the parents, so I feel proud to know I’m raising her right!


Mahin: I think the proudest parenting moment is probably  anytime my kids learn something I’ve been trying to teach them. Whether it’s cleaning up their toys, or simply saying please and thank you, it makes me less anxious about making sure they grow up to be good kids. Taking each positive moment, one day at a time.


Tiani: The parenting experience that has made me the proudest is how great of a sleeper she is! I hear countless times how many sleepless nights parents have, but Shaye has been such a champ for the past 6 months. She sleeps all throughout the night and takes naps throughout the day, without needing me to hold her. I am so proud of her for always sleeping on her own.



Mahin Jamil has two toddlers under two years old. She loves Starbucks, quiet strolls through Target, and is trying to tackle this motherhood thing one day at a time!
Mahin Jamil

Do you have any positive advice for new moms and dads?

Hayley: Being a new parent can be overwhelming and stressful. Remember to breathe and take time to care for yourself.


Mahin: If there’s any advice I want to give new moms and dads, it’s just to soak up the moments. It’s going to really tough and you’ll maybe find yourself sobbing in the bathroom because parenthood gets like that sometimes, but just stay positive and be patient. Also, don’t ever forget to take time out for yourself, happy parents = happy kids! So do whatever you need to do to unwind your brain, take a couple of deep breaths and go back and rock parenthood!


Tiani: My advice for new moms and dads would be to not worry so much, just embrace every moment you get with them because the time you get with them is priceless. Don't worry about if they haven't started crawling or walking yet when other babies are, they will learn at their own pace. Always be in the moment with them and enjoy every stage because it won't last very long. If they're a newborn and you can't wait until they start talking, you're going to look back and miss those moments of when they were a precious newborn baby. Don't worry so much, it'll only stress you out and they're going to be okay!



Tiani Bender and her husband Brodie are enjoying raising their one-year-old daughter Shaye. They also have a lifestyle YouTube channel!
Tiani Bender


If you were to become a new parent again, what would you make sure to do again?

Hayley: Well that just happened 4 weeks ago to be exact. Breastfeed! Last time I did it exclusively for 3 months, but this time I plan to go longer!


Mahin: If I was a new parent again, I would make sure to tune out any negative or prying comments. Don’t make a decision because other people are telling you to, do what you want. Trust your gut always. As long as your baby is happy and healthy, you’re doing an awesome job.


Tiani: When I become a new parent again, I would make sure to still journal/record everything because that's the only thing I'll still be able to hold onto after they grow up. Having my own photography business and with our youtube channel, I'm able to hold onto those moments and experience them again, in a way. Without those photos and videos, everything would just turn into a vague memory, because it's so easy to forget. I would also make sure to have her take naps without me. Putting her in her crib until she falls asleep has gotten her used to sleeping alone for long periods of time, and it has helped me SO much to be able to get work and household chores done! Getting time to myself has kept me sane.


What support did your receive that you appreciated most?


Hayley: The support from my family! All of my family pitched in to help me take care of McKenna when she was born. I was a single parent at the time, so the help was very much appreciated! I’m now married with my second child and I have the support and help from my husband, my family, and my husband’s family. It really does take a village!


Mahin: To be very honest, the best and most amazing support I got after becoming a mother was the IG community. After opening up and sharing my motherhood journey, I’ve come across SO many sweet mamas from all over and over the past year, I’ve become good friends with some. We reassure each other and always help each other out. It’s pretty awesome and I’m so grateful. Sometimes the internet isn’t always a bad thing ;)


Tiani: The support that I've appreciated the most is the amazing support from my husband, Brodie. He is so quick to help me when I need it, and give Shaye the attention that she needs to be able to bond with her. I don't know what I would do without his support and his help, and it gives me so much respect for all the single parents because I can only imagine how tough it would be to do it all on your own. As a part time photographer, Brodie watches her while I'm gone at a photoshoot, never calling me asking for anything, but taking care of Shaye and the household on his own. When I'm at home trying to edit and get work done, he's busy entertaining her and making sure she's fed. I could not be more grateful for the support he's been throughout this whole journey. I couldn't do it without him.




Want to answer these questions yourself? You'll also be entered for a chance to win a BlueSmart mia2! ($99.99 retail) Go here!
Winner will be selected on March 31st, 2019.

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